SMP Dynamic Saddle Review

posted on 28 Jan, 2020 by Drew Lockwood

Review By Kurt

Like many cyclists, I am always looking to improve my riding experience and the SMP Dynamic saddle has helped me do just that. SMP saddles have a unique shape with a fairly large center cut-out or channel. I have never used cut out saddles in the past and never really felt like I needed one but after learning about the science and anatomical design behind SMP saddles I was compelled to try one. The SMP Dynamic was the right choice for me, with it’s minimal padding.

Many saddles have a flat profile on top but the SMP does not, rather it has an engineered curve to it. When I ride up on the top of the bars or hoods, the back of the saddle holds my sit bones in place, helping maintain power on the pedals. When I rotate forward to the drops, my pelvis has never felt more supported, and my soft tissue areas are completely pressure free, resulting in faster riding with better circulation and air flow.

With this saddle, and any saddle for that matter, proper set up is crucial. Saddle height and set back cannot be overlooked. I installed this saddle to proper measurements with the help of a professional bike fitter for optimal weight distribution. In the end, my form and power has improved. These saddles are game-changers when combined with the with proper bike fit.