Fit4Bike Skeleton view


What is Fit4Bike?

We’ve all seen those thrilling action movies, epic wide-scope fantasy movies, and awe-inspiring super hero movies. They all cover different aspects of their genres differently, however they all have a few things in common: good vs. evil, the strong protect the innocent, and the hero’s journey. Looking past all those themes, they also share technology. I don’t mean time-traveling cars or spaceships. I’m simply referring to three dimensional motion capture. That’s right, the thing where the actors put on silly skin suits with what appears to be ping pong balls glued to it and stand in front of a green-screen. Well, now you can visit ATA Cycle and become a cycling skeleton using technology from the silver screen.

How does Fit4Bike work?

Now, let me reassure you. You will not have to wear a full motion capture suit covered in ping pong balls. It’s more like twenty little reflective marbles on your joints and along your back. Like the red dots on the skeleton pictured to the right. The hardware and software that create these renderings communicate in a surprising simplistic way. Just imagine adjusting the exposure (the amount of light allow in) on a video camera down to where a very minimal amount of light is coming into the lens. Now each reflective marble, marker, is covered in tiny facets. The combination of these things means the markers show up as bright white dots to the camera. If you have four cameras pointing at the markers, the software can use the markers as reference points in three dimensional space. The software is loaded with reference presets already telling it which points are which joints, but it can also be set manually.

Armed with this technology, our fit technicians can readjust and optimize your cycling position in conjunction with other fit technologies like the Biobike and the MEP power cranks. Plus you get to see yourself as a cycling skeleton!

Fit4Bike features

Bike capture process
fit4bike can even take the measurements of an existing bicycle