BTS motion capture cameras

BTS Bioengineering

High-end motion capture technology that is used by NASA? What’s it doing it doing in my local bike shop? Let’s explore what these funny-looking BTS cameras do and how they’ll make your bike fitting experience that much greater.

Main features – BTS Smart DX

Okay, so what do the factoids mean to you and what do they have to do with bike fitting? Well these features allow us to create three dimensional renderings of your body in motion while you cycle. High frequency acquistion gives the rendering a smooth look by collecting data (in this case images). The high resolution means that we can zoom in and investigate problem area with without losing picture quality. The software automatically picks up the markers we place at your joints and other significant points(the markers are reflective balls like they use in movies for motion capture). Our system and software allow us to use multiple cameras, which creates a three dimensional box with a wire -frame verison of you cycling. We can then manipulate the box so that we can look at your rendering from any direction.