posted on 22 Feb, 2016 by Drew Lockwood

The new wireless group from SRAM has arrived at ATA Cycle. Come and test it out yourself.

It’s almost like we’re back to the days without shift cables and housing, but you still get more than a single speed out of your bicycle. If your tired of the cables on the underbelly of your bicycle getting dirty and affecting your shifting, or you want your bike to look cleaner, with sharper lines, eTAP might be the solution you are looking for. You might have wondered why SRAM had yet to come out with an electronic group like both Shimano and Campagnolo already had. Well, they felt that the technology just wasn’t worth it. You still had cables running along the bike and the components were clunky. The electronic groups have always been heavier than the more traditional cabled groups as well.
What if I told you that that has all changed? SRAM made a group that is electronic and wireless! It looks very clean, and it weighs less than the high-end electronic and traditional groups from Shimano and Campagnolo. The interface is based the shifting interface of some of the fastest wheels in the world, the formula 1 race car. eTAP is so incredibly quiet, you can’t hear it over the sound of the drivetrain. If you don’t believe me, stop by ATA to experience the technology first hand.