Now Open is a special company. They don’t make a bike for each and every circumstance, they make two bikes with multiple uses. First, you have the ONE+, the ultimate XC mountain bike machine. The ONE+ will not only accommodate 29 inch tires, but it also takes into consideration 27.5 x 3.0 tires allow you to experience a plus bike ride as quick as you can change a wheel. However, OPEN does not stop there, the Unbeaten Path (U.P.) is quickly finding its way to the hearts of many rider. Like the ONE+, the U.P. is not just one bike. You often find the U.P.(like above) built up to appear like a gravel bike, as the geometry is very similar, but it is much more than another gravel bike. The U.P., like all gravel frames, can be set up with road tires, but the U.P. loses the competition when you realize 27.5 tires have clearance in both the fork and the rear triangle. The ability to one have one or two bikes that overcome whatever terrain you feel like riding on a day to day basis is absolutely magnificent.

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