BH Bicycles

BH is one of the more aggressive bikes that is available at ATA Cycle in terms of its geometry but it is very well rounded. An all around bike that tackles what ever is thrown at it. BH, with its boxy tubes, might not look aero and if you are looking for a slippery aero road bike you might want to consider Time Skylon or Cervelo S5 but if you are in the market for a light bike that comes with a heritage of Spanish climbing BH ultralight might what you are after. Schedule your fitting with Ata Cycle FITLAB to see if this beauty is right for you.

It’s been the second summer since I’ve had the BH ultralight. Mine is built with Sram Red 22 Deda 35 cockpit and Corima wheels. It is one of those super light frames but it feels very well grounded and provides a very smooth overall ride. It is by no means for the cobble stones but handles the doubted New England roads well. With Corima wheels it is not a bullet out of the gun but when it gets rolling it is fast, smooth, and stable. Climbing on this bike is a pure joy, if you like that sort of thing that is. Sitting and pedaling feels like you can climb for hours but it’s when you are out of the saddle this bike shines. When the bike is dancing under you and you are moving your hips like yeah you notice everything you put in goes into propelling you forward with no loss of power. Everything that goes up must come down, but don’t think the BH can’t handle it. It feels very solid and stable going downhill at high speeds, never nervous.

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