BIKE FIT PHASE SIX: “The Evolution of Fit”

Over the years, ATA Cycle has been at the forefront of “bike fit”, wherein the latest software, equipment, instrumentation and biomechanics, have all been carefully incorporated into a detailed and precise taxonomy of possesses – designed to fine tune a cyclist’s correct anatomical and ergonomic “fit’ based on proven techniques and methodologies.

Indeed, up until now, ATA Cycle’s FITLAB has harnessed the most advanced protocols available to achieve this end.

However, as part of ATA Cycle’s ongoing pursuit of state-of-the-art technology, the evolution continues with the addition of the BTS Bioengineering Kinematics system, along with the BioBike/iCranks’ fully articulable “robotic fit bike”.

The result is a not only a comprehensive “fit system” that’s fully able to provide layers of intricate, detailed, analytical data, after creating a complete biomechanical profile of each individual rider, but above and beyond this “blueprint”, the system is capable of rendering “recommendations and solutions” to further improve a cyclist’s position. This is achieved through the first ever application of artificial intelligence, relative to biomechanical motion analysis.

Specifically, BTS’s propriety technology uses fourth generation optoelectronic motion analysis, which is capable of capturing very rapid and imperceptible movements. From there, the system supplements, synchronizes and manages all kinematic, kinetic, electromyographic and video data originating from the cyclist via connected systems (i.e. the BioBike).

Ultimately, when integrated with the BioBike/iCranks and BTS’s advanced wireless surface EMG”s (synchromyography/electromyography technology), the system has the ability to analyze any type of movement with any part of the body in order to create customized calculation protocols for complete motion analysis through an innovative API based visual operator platform. In the end, ATA Cycle’s professional “fitters” are provided graphic and multimedia reports designed to give true 3D biomechanical reports that include everything from real-time torque analysis and deviations in dependent/independent pedaling dynamics, to vertical, lateral and asymmetrical anomalies, symmetry and musculoskeletal imbalances and injuries. Furthermore, BTS has in it’s extensive data base, information compiled from literally thousands of cyclists who have undergone testing, as to give corrective recommendations based to empirical biomechanical data. In simple terms, BTS’s propriety technology, integrated with the BioBike, sees what no human can. And, it can give advise on how to correct a perceived problem based on real biomedical data.