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About ATA Cycle

It is an amazing feeling to be pedaling a bike, have Husam make two small adjustments in the seat height and seat tube angle, and immediately be putting out 60 more watts…

ATA Cycle is an Independent Bicycle Retailer in Concord, MA. Our number one priority is to provide exceptional service to every customer, which in turn empowers our customers to achieve their cycling goals. One of the major rewards of our work here is to get to know new people every day who have a desire to improve life through cycling. Some use the bike for casual sight seeing, improving their ability to explore the region and discover new, easily accessible places to relax. Others have used the bike to eliminate the dreaded daily car commute, reducing gas consumption, gridlock frustration, while simultaneously receiving a daily cardio fitness boost. We also have a dedicated cohort of customers who use the bike as a tool for building serious fitness, and competing at amateur and professional levels. We specialize in Triathlon fittings, and gear customization advice for the annual race up Mount Washington. While our roots and passion are in road racing, we are dedicated to educating our customers regardless of whether they ride occasionally for fun, or every day as a professional.

Our shop houses the finest collection of high end road racing and triathlon frames and components in New England. Rest assured that when it comes to road racing and triathlon framesets, you will not find a comparable size and diversity of in stock inventory at any other retailer in New England. If you have an appreciation / lust for artisan quality bike frames, you owe it to yourself to pay us a personal visit. In fact, our exceptional selection and service has attracted customers from as far away as Georgia and Chicago. It may seem surprising that anyone would take the time and expense to travel half way across the country just to buy a road bike, but the combination of our stellar selection and precise, thorough fitting services is rare indeed. Those who choose to visit us from afar inevitably have been past victims of poor fitting services, who have learned through hard experience that few retailers are sufficiently committed to the time and technology required to ensure the proper fit of a high performance road bike.

The owner Husam is a pure professional who is dedicated to helping each customer attain his maximum enjoyment from the sport. His encylopedic knowledge of cycling and biomechanics is matched only by his commitment to customer service…

ATA Cycle stocks a full range of cycling components, apparel, and accessories, including shoes, helmets, racks, nutritional products, stationary trainers, heart rate and power meters, and much more.

ATA Cycle was founded in 1996 in Cambridge, with little capital or retail space, but with tons of experience, expertise, and passion for cycling culture. Today, our store provides sales and service to a diverse mix of cyclists, with a wide range of hybrids, mountain bikes, single speeds, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and others. We stock all sizes of Kid’s bikes, and we stock all sizes of a huge variety of bikes for every conceivable purpose, so please consider visiting us whenever you are curious about the new/next bike for you. We look forward to meeting you and talking bikes.

About Husam

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Husam resides in Concord, and in his spare time takes in the local scenery on his bike and trains for the annual bicycle race up Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Husam and a partner founded ATA Cycle in 1996 as a neighborhood bike shop for Harvard students and bike couriers. Each year since then ATA Cycle has grown, expanded and diversified, developing into a nationally renowned mecca for serious road cyclists and road bike enthusiasts.

Husam spent the time to properly fit me and build out the new bike. I could not believe the difference – my 1st ride on the bike I was flying up the hills, the efficiency of my pedal stroke, and how comfortable on the bike I was even after many hours. Husam and his team at ATA have the experience, equipment and selection to have you leaving with the bike of your dreams!

Born and raised in the Adana region of Turkey, Husam developed a deep love for road biking during his early years of racing and training in the steep and beautiful mountains of his native region. After relocating to the U.S., he earned degrees in finance and management science. The success and development of ATA Cycle has grown from the foundation of Husam’s professional training combined with his lifelong passion for cycling. Husam brings a scientific, mathematical precision to the conduct of his business that sets ATA Cycle apart from other bike shops. To learn more about Husam and his approach to bike fitting and frame selection and component customization, see what some of our customers are saying: